First article for Elite Daily


I decided as of Jan 1st 2015 to do what I love. Sounds simple, I know. But trying to survive while being broke and jobless was immensely scary. I made this decision over the holidays after getting brutally sacked from a job I hated. I never wanted to feel humiliated again, unless it was from an honest effort at doing something I was passionate about. So on Jan 1st, I sat down at my laptop and started to write. Within one month, I got an article published by Her Magazine, Choosing to Give Birth in a Developing Country, and also got accepted as a freelance contributor to Elite Daily with 5 Reasons Why Constantly Looking For ‘The One’ Will Get You Nowhere. Both of those things have been enough encouragement to keep going with this crazy, life-changing initiative. I’ll post everything I do here and maybe you can tell me about what it is that YOU are dreaming of doing.

We all gotta start somewhere.